Patient Safety

Celgene’s commitment to drug safety surveillance activities

Every Celgene employee has a role in monitoring and reporting on the safe use of our products. The Celgene Global Drug Safety & Risk Management department has more than 170 staff dedicated to safety monitoring via the Global Safety Network (GSN), an entity that spans every country in which Celgene is present including Australia.

The role of Celgene’s safety department

Celgene’s Global Drug Safety & Risk Management department ensures comprehensive safety monitoring by involving itself in every step of the clinical development process. Safety personnel are embedded within clinical development and project teams to ensure continuity of safety assessment at every stage from pre- to post-marketing.

How effective are Celgene’s safety systems?

Since the early days of Celgene, the company has been a leader in effective safety surveillance systems as a component of its broader risk management programs. As the company that reintroduced thalidomide as a therapy for multiple myeloma, we have not only met, but have had to exceed expectations for excellence in patient safety. Safety is deeply engrained in our culture.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in results of our regulatory inspections, which have been consistently positive. In addition to these outcomes, Celgene subjects its safety programmes to independent external benchmarking that compares our activities to more than 15 other leading biopharmaceutical companies. The results speak for themselves: Celgene consistently places among the highest performing companies.