What is it that defines Celgene? Is it our innovative approach to treating disease? Is it our cutting-edge research addressing a broad range of conditions? Is it our growing reputation as an important contributor to medical progress? While each of these factors contributes in significant ways to what Celgene is, they represent only part of the story.

Most fundamentally, Celgene is its employees, who are focused on the single mission of delivering innovative therapies to patients with unmet medical needs in cancer and inflammatory diseases. They are a varied group of talented people, including clinical research physicians, sales representatives, information technology professionals, lab technicians, marketing professionals, regulatory experts, accounting and finance personnel, clinical coordinators, senior executives, human resource managers and pharmacists.

As different as each of these positions (and the individuals who hold them) are, they are united in their commitment to discover, develop and market life-enhancing drugs that make a measurable difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide. Our employees are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things, to build on the company’s scientific and commercial achievements.

Celgene has been fortunate to attract employees of the highest calibre since its earliest days. More recently, as our rapid commercial growth has required the acquisition of specialised skills, we have benefitted from the increased availability of highly trained and qualified individuals as a result of consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry. We are gratified that these individuals have decided to build their careers at Celgene.

We believe that our ongoing success will enable us to maintain this extraordinary level of commitment and to continue to attract the best people at every level of the organisation.