Celgene is committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide and welcomes all potential suppliers who can fulfil the requirements of our organisation on a competitive basis, by adding value to our products and services.

Innovation is a key feature to Celgene success. We expect our suppliers to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions while operating with high ethical standards and integrity, and adhering to fair business practices.

Celgene Procurement follows a Strategic Sourcing process to identify the best suppliers and works with internal teams to ensure we get the best value from our suppliers in terms of quality and cost, service and delivery.

1. E-sourcing

As a part of the Celgene Strategic Sourcing process we look forward to employing best in practice tools and methodologies. E-sourcing is our preferred way of doing business with our suppliers.

What does this mean to our suppliers?

  • Ease of project management
  • Speeds up the process by shrinking sourcing cycles
  • Maintains transparency in our process
  • Helps us have a consistent global process
  • Helps us evaluate all relevant business criterias and not just cost

2. Ethics

Celgene Ethics Philosophy is rooted in its Core Values & Behaviours. We expect our employees and suppliers to follow the Celgene Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Our decisions will be influenced by business decisions and not by personal favours or opinions.

3. Sustainability

Celgene is committed to conducting business in a safe, sound and green environment. We expect our suppliers to follow suit and minimise the environmental impact from its business operations. Our suppliers need to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices while integrating green initiatives in their day to day operations.