Our Commitment to Anti-counterfeiting Initiatives

Safeguarding Patients through Responsible Access to Therapies

Counterfeiting drugs is a serious criminal offence and a major public health risk. Counterfeit medicines may include impurities, incorrect quantities of active and inactive ingredients or contaminants that can lead to serious health issues including death.

In our effort to combat prescription drug counterfeiting, Celgene takes deliberate, proactive steps to strictly enforce the quality and safety of our treatments. Celgene continues to explore and implement new strategies and technological developments to deter counterfeiting.  We also work closely with regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies, our industry peers, and consumer protection authorities worldwide to ensure safe and appropriate access to our therapies.

We strongly encourage patients to obtain our treatments through reputable pharmacies and healthcare providers who are licensed to dispense and distribute medicines.

If you suspect your medicine has been tampered with, please report it to your healthcare provider, pharmacist or Celgene immediately.