Clinical Trials

There are numerous ongoing clinical trials at major medical centres worldwide using innovative compounds from Celgene. These investigational compounds are being actively studied in clinical trial patients with incurable blood cancers and other blood diseases as well as in solid tumour cancers and diseases associated with the immune system.

Celgene Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) has been involved in global studies since 2006.  Over that time, Celgene ANZ has made significant contribution to global studies that are required to gain marketing approvals for our products. As a consequence, the affiliate and the doctors and hospital staff involved in the clinical trials have gained a positive reputation within the organisation.  Despite the small population in Australia, between 6 to 10% of patients are recruited from this country. Currently, Celgene has 30 products undergoing clinical trials in Australia.  It is the aim of Celgene to bring potentially 50 new product approvals to patients between 2016 and 2025.