Commitment to Safety

Safeguarding our patients and our employees

At Celgene we have developed industry-leading programmes under which hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide have accessed the clinical benefits of our therapies.

These include:

  • Educational materials for healthcare providers to ensure the correct use of our drugs
  • Extremely careful monitoring of the use of our products to ensure patients can benefit from Celgene’s therapies

Our commitment to safety is grounded in our company’s commitment to improving the lives of patients worldwide.


Patient safety

Celgene’s commitment to Drug Safety Surveillance Activities

Every Celgene employee has a role in monitoring and reporting on the safe use of our products. The Celgene Global Drug Safety & Risk Management Department has more than 170 staff dedicated to safety monitoring via the Global Safety Network (GSN), an entity that spans every country in which Celgene is present including Australia.

The role of Celgene’s safety department

Celgene’s Global Drug Safety & Risk Management department ensures comprehensive safety monitoring by involving itself in every step of the clinical development process. Safety personnel are embedded within clinical development and project teams to ensure continuity of safety assessment at every stage from pre- to post-marketing.

How effective are Celgene’s safety systems?

Since the early days of Celgene, the company has been a leader in effective safety surveillance systems as a component of its broader risk management programmes. Safety is deeply engrained in our culture.


Employee safety

Global Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) mission

Celgene is committed to global leadership in our environmental, health and safety programmes in order to effectively minimise occupational and environmental risks. We will strive to provide a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible work environment for all employees and visitors to our facilities.

Management  Principles:

  • Integrate EHS objectives and targets into our business strategies and plans
  • Comply with EHS laws, regulations, standards and ordinances in each of the countries in which we do business
  • Educate employees with respect to EHS performance and provide training to assist employees in performing their responsibilities
  • Strive for an injury-free and environmentally sustainable workplace by building on the belief that incidents, injuries and environmental releases are potentially preventable and by implementing appropriate risk-control measures
  • Foster EHS ethics among management by setting management performance targets into our business strategies
  • Act responsibly and communicate openly with our customers, neighbours, employees, government officials and other stakeholders relative to the safety profile of our products and operations

Act responsibly and communicate openly with our customers, neighbors, employees, government officials and other stakeholders relative to the safety profile of our products and operations.

EHS Areas of Responsibilities:

EHS assists Celgene in managing risk in the following areas:

  • Environmental
  • Safety
  • Occupational Health
  • Product Safety
  • Laboratory Services

Our Commitment

Celgene is fortunate to have employees of the highest calibre, whose focus on the single mission of delivering innovative therapies to patients is what makes our company successful. We will continue to work towards ensuring the health and safety of all employees so we can maintain this extraordinary level of commitment and continue to attract the best employees at every level of our organisation.